Application for Workforce Development Board Membership To Represent Governmental and Community Development

Membership Requirements

In order to represent governmental or community development entities on the NoRTEC Workforce Development Board, the applicant must:

  1. Be a representative of one of the following:
    • a. The State of California’s employment service office under the Wagner-Peyser Act; OR
      b. The State of California’s Department of Rehabilitation; OR
      c. Public Assistance programs (e.g., County Welfare Department, TANF, CalWORKS); OR
      d. Education/Training Entity; OR
      f. Governmental entities providing services to one or more of the target populations served with WIOA funding (e.g., probation, law enforcement, transportation, housing).
  2. Provide service to some or all of the counties within NoRTEC’s geographic area; and
  3. Be nominated by an appropriate individual within his/her organization/entity. The nomination shall be in writing, and should be uploaded using the application form below.

To obtain an example of a nomination letter or to inquire about appropriate nominating entities please contact:

Andrea Campos, Program Administration Director
Phone: (530) 892-9600

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Indicate which category you are applying under:
Applicant Name
Entity Address

The NoRTEC Workforce Development Board meets four times a year, and a quorum of members must be present at each meeting in order to conduct business. The meetings are usually held in a central location (Chico, Anderson, or Redding) on the following dates:

  1. The fourth Thursday of February, from 10am-2pm
  2. The fourth Thursday of May, from 10am-2pm
  3. The fourth Thursday of August, from 10am-2pm
  4. The fourth Thursday of October from 10am-2pm
Will you be able to attend all four of these meetings each year? (We understand an occasional scheduling conflict or emergency may occur.)

Contact Information

Most of NoRTEC’s business is conducted over the Internet via our website and e-mail, but we request contact information. Please provide the following:
Mailing Address
The majority of NoRTEC business is conducted via e-mail and over the Internet. Please provide an e-mail address you check regularly.
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I wish to be considered for appointment to the NoRTEC Workforce Development Board. By entering my name below, I acknowledge and affirm that the information I have provided in this form is true, accurate, and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.